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Important Junior Festival Links

Junior Audition Requirements

Jr. Festival Audition List 23-24

Scale Requirements

Alto Saxophone | Baritone Saxophone | Bass Clarinet | Bassoon | Clarinet | Euphonium BC
Euphonium TC | Flute | French Horn | Oboe | Tenor Saxophone | Trombone | Trumpet
Tuba | Cello | Mallets | String Bass | Viola | Violin

Vocal Scales

Jazz Bass | Guitar | Jazz Piano

Please note: Sight-Reading is required for all students.

Choral Sight Reading Guidelines for Junior District - View here

Instrumental Sight Reading Guidelines for Junior District - View here

Sight Reading
Sight Reading excerpts in the auditions will be created using SightReadingFactory.com.

If educators or students would like to purchase a subscription to SightReadingFactory.com, MMEAED members can receive a 20% discount. To get the discount, MMEAED members should email SRF at and request a discount code. Once you receive the code, you can order directly from their website and redeem the code to get the discount.

Piccolo Audition at Jr. Festival Auditions

There will be a separate Jr. Audition again this year for Piccolo. These students do not need to pre-register for this audition, however, they must register and audition on flute. The students will only be asked to perform scales and sight-reading. There will be no prepared piece for this second audition. Please let the registration desk know if you have a student auditioning on piccolo when you arrive at the auditions.