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Important Junior Festival Links

Junior Audition Requirements

Jr. Festival Audition List 22-23

Scale Requirements

Alto Saxophone | Baritone Saxophone | Bass Clarinet | Bassoon | Clarinet | Euphonium BC
Euphonium TC | Flute | French Horn | Oboe | Tenor Saxophone | Trombone | Trumpet
Tuba | Cello | Mallets | String Bass | Viola | Violin

Vocal Scales

Jazz Bass | Guitar | Jazz Piano

Please note: Sight-Reading is required for all students.

Choral Sight Reading Guidelines for Junior District - View here

Instrumental Sight Reading Guidelines for Junior District - View here

Sight Reading
Sight Reading excerpts in the auditions will be created using SightReadingFactory.com.

If educators or students would like to purchase a subscription to SightReadingFactory.com, they have created a discount code for our district (MMEAED) and will give MMEAED members a 20% discount. You can order directly from their web site.

Piccolo Audition at Jr. Festival Auditions

There will be a separate Jr. Audition again this year for Piccolo. These students do not need to pre-register for this audition, however, they must register and audition on flute. The students will only be asked to perform scales and sight-reading. There will be no prepared piece for this second audition. Please let the registration desk know if you have a student auditioning on piccolo when you arrive at the auditions.