TempoThe student;
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
Melodic AccuracyThe student performs;
InterpretationThe student demonstrates;
BLUESThe student demonstrates;
Accurate placement of chords, or chord tones appropriate to the function of harmony across time.
smooth and logical voice leading from chord to chord.
proper use of extensions, substitutions and alterations.
appropriate rhythmic patterns for style required.
maintaining steady beat in comping pattern.
HARMONIC UNDERSTANDINGThe student demonstrates;
appropriate formations of diminished chords within the harmonic context.
appropriate formations of augmented chords within the harmonic context.
approp. formations and usage of altered chords within the harmonic context.
voice leading which is a smooth and logical movement from chord to chord.
appropriate usage of complex chord structures.


Adjudicator should fill in the names of the required scales for assessment in the spaces provided. Check the box in the column that best describes the student's performance (one box per scale.)

all accurate pitches
mostly accurate pitches
some accurate pitches
few acceptable pitches
Scale TechniqueThe student played the major scales:
the proper and steady suggested tempo.
with proper articulation.
with the proper rhythm.

Melodic Accuracy
Rhythmic Accuracy

Rhythmic Accuracy
Conceptual Understanding