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Advocacy & Outreach

As music teachers, we must be advocates as well as educators. As the Advocacy and Outreach chair I will do my best to provide resources and ideas for advancing the music education programs in the Eastern District. Please feel free to contact me whenever you are in need.

Dan Rivenburgh:

Embracing the New Music Educator (Mentor Program)
This year the Eastern District will be expanding upon the Mentor program that the Northeast district is currently using. If you are a new teacher, have new teachers in your district, or are interested in being a mentor please fill out this Form!!!

Click the links below to learn more about school districts in the Eastern District of MMEA:

Public Schools
Private and Charter Schools (Coming Soon)
If you teach at a private or charter school in the Eastern District please help us gather information by filling out this short survey:
Click for survey.

MMEA-ED Advocacy and Outreach Grant:
The MMEA-ED Advocacy and Outreach Grant application helps the Eastern District identify school districts in need from within our membership. Please click here for more details!

Peer Concert Calendar:

Please join us for a concert!

Below is a link to the MMEA-ED Peer Concert Calendar. These concerts are presented by schools in the Eastern District. If you would like to add one of your concerts to the calendar please contact Dan Rivenburgh ().

If you would like to attend one of these concerts please click the individual event for more information. Some concerts or post concert activities will require you to RSVP.

If you are willing to host a post concert gathering please contact Dan.

Click here for the Peer Concert Calendar

Choral Reading/Sharing Archive:

MMEA-ED Choral Reading and Sharing Session 3-4-16